LED’s and more!

What’s up everybody. Sorry for the delay in a post it’s been a busy month here after the holidays. This past weekend I actually visited a bridal show here in town for my daughter and was talking to a vendor (DJ Jay Herbert) about the different types of lights he uses, and we got on the topic of LED’s. Which got me thinking about all the cool aftermarket LED kits that are out there for our cars!

So I started to do some more research online after coming home that day, and I found out quite a lot. First thing is there is this really cool site: superbrightleds.com┬áthat has thousands upon thousands of different LED lights! I guess I should’ve figured with how fast everything else in the world is advancing and moving along, but little did I know you can replace almost every light in your house and car with an upgraded LED bulb. As I’m sure you already know these bulbs run cooler, last longer, glow brighter, and are just an overall better bulb. After using their easy vehicle LED bulb finder I was easily able to upgrade my license plate lights to LED’s in under 5 mins. Next up for me is my interior dome and vanity lights!

So the other cool thing I did this month was attend this car show you see above. It was a benefit car show and I got to talk with a lot of cool guys. Now I attended this car show before I took my daughter to the bridal show so I wasn’t able to ask any of the car guys at the show this question because I hadn’t thought about it, but is it just me or wouldn’t it be cool to upgrade the lighting to LED’s on let’s say one of the beauties you see above? Of course being the guy I am my mind would go here, so I tried to imagine a 50’s Chevy with some LED taillights and side markers, maybe some HID headlights. So what I wanted to do was put a calling out in this post for anyone who is/was thinking about doing this or someone who has already done this to send me over some pictures so I can check out your cool upgrades! I always like to see the cool different things people have done with their cars so I’d enjoy the pictures.

Just drop me an email and I’ll post up the cool pictures here. Thanks!