Safety First

Safety is one of those things that’s always been there, ya know in the back of your mind. However it’s often left to fend for itself when it comes to mind space. What I mean is too often safety is disregarded and then we end up in situations we wish we weren’t and we begin to think of how we should of thought of safety a little sooner.

When it comes to auto’s we can never really be too safe. In this post I will outline some safety things that you’ll wanna check before going on that road trip.

  1. Engine Oil – The lifeblood of your engine is the oil. Run really low on gas and you might be able to make it a couple of miles or so on the fumes to that next gas station. Alternatively run really low on oil and you might not make it the next 500 feet. Also having an engine with the oil properly topped off will help you get the best gas mileage as well! Most oil dipsticks have a crosshatch area that represents one quart of motor oil. You’ll want the oil to measure up to the top part of the cross hatch area. If you check your oil and it doesn’t show on the stick at all you’ll want add oil as soon as possible!
  2. Tires – Properly inflated tires will not only help you get the best gas mileage, but they will also ensure proper control and handling on the road. Most cars will have a sticker on the driver side door jam (some in the trunk) specifying the proper inflation of the tires. Have someone assist you if you’re not sure how to operate a tire gage.
  3. Wipers – Did you know you’re supposed to change your wiper blades every six months? Wiper blades lose their ability to properly clean the windshield with temperature and time. A good wiper blade will sit firm against the windshield and not be leaning or bending anyway. If so you’ll want to replace those wipers before the next trip.
  4. Lights – Studies show that you are more visible to other drivers when you are driving with your lights on, even in the daytime! You’ll want to do a thorough light check before embarking on your journey
  5. Battery & Fluids – You may want to take your car to a service shop to have these things checked. What’s important here is that you have a nicely working electrical system (i.e. battery, and alternator) and that the other fluids for the engine are properly topped off. An important one not to forget is the washer fluid to help clean off those nasty bug splatters when they happen!

Hopefully this list will help ensure a safe trip for you and or your family next time you want to go on that cross country road trip. I’d like to thank The Towing Guys over in Little Rock for sponsoring this post and helping me get this blog up and going! Thank you!